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Mr Gary Foley and Mr Tommy Smith appealed to the West
German people at a press conference to support the efforts of
the Aborigines for self-determination and economic independence.
Mr Foley, of the Aboriginal
Study Centre in Melbourne, and

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An Aboriginal leader
said last night that the
Northern Territory
could become to the
Aborigines what Israel
is to the Jews.
Mr Paul Coe, a law
student and a founder of
the Aboriginal legal service in Sydney, was speaking on the ABC…

Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995) Monday 4 Septe.txt
Article from the Canberra Times quoting Floyd McKissick and Dr Martin Luther King.

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SYDNEY, Wednesday. - Aboriginal land
rights campaigner, Mr
Gary Foley refused to
comment today on
whether he would be
asking the Chinese Government for money to
aid the campaign.
The 23-year-old Melbourne activist left to
day for China with a…

Indigenous men at a land rights rally in Brisbane 1971

Three comrades arrive by car.


Albert Robinson in front of a fence, with others. There is something very "Godfather" about these photos. Candid, familial, group shots of people dressed for another era.

Anne wearing a very large hat at a University demonstration, Brisbane.

Paul speaks at a rally
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