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Sir Henry Gullett, the Acting Minister for
Information, announced that Communist newspapers,
as such, will cease publication within
the next fortnight.
Inter alia, the Minister for Information
"All Communist pamphlets and leaflets…

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An Aboriginal leader
said last night that the
Northern Territory
could become to the
Aborigines what Israel
is to the Jews.
Mr Paul Coe, a law
student and a founder of
the Aboriginal legal service in Sydney, was speaking on the ABC…

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SYDNEY, Wednesday. - Aboriginal land
rights campaigner, Mr
Gary Foley refused to
comment today on
whether he would be
asking the Chinese Government for money to
aid the campaign.
The 23-year-old Melbourne activist left to
day for China with a…

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— The NSW Police
Commissioner, Mr
Allan, promised today
to order an immediate
inquiry into allegations
of police indifference
to assault of an Aboriginal student at Mascot
last Sunday.
Mr Gary Foley, a
draughtsman student at…

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Mr Gary Foley and Mr Tommy Smith appealed to the West
German people at a press conference to support the efforts of
the Aborigines for self-determination and economic independence.
Mr Foley, of the Aboriginal
Study Centre in Melbourne, and

John Gandini ASIO file card.


Albert stepping out with a mystery woman.

Australia's Next Top Communist Mod Band
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